<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> FAQ's Where are you located? I am located in Palmyra, PA which is right next to Hershey, Pa. As of right now, I don't have a permanent studio, all of my equipment is portable though. I carry all needed equipment to any location and can set up studio lighting equipment indoors that have ample space provided. What if it rains on my scheduled session? I can book up to 3 months in advance, but the obvious problem is what the weather will be like for the scheduled sessions. If your shoot is outdoors or a combination of indoors and out, I will glady reschedule you for another date and time due to any inclement weather. If the weather forecast looks grim on the day of your shoot, I will contact to you to let you know what the weather will be like and if you would want to procede or not. Can I have all of the digital copies of the pictures on a CD? Yes and no, you may purchase individual digital copies of the large res files via this website or you can purchase the entire collection of digital pictures for a fee of $100. You will then be provided with a "Photo Release" document stating that you can reproduce these images at any photo printing location of your choosing. What are your current printing prices? All of the most frquently purchased print prices are located on the Prices page. For an itemized list of every product that I offer, please download the PDF. Can we print our own images if we purchase our photos on a CD? Yes, but see above "Can I have all my pictures on a CD?". You can make prints on your own if you want to but I highly discourage it. The reasoning behind it is because all the images that I process, edit, and color correct is done on a calibrated monitor that is linked with a printer profile at the professional lab that I send the pictures to. The colors that I see on the monitor is the color that is going to be printed on paper. By going to a different non-professional photo printing location, the colors of your photos may shift since the printers aren't calibrated to the monitor, creating photos that have either a slight red, blue, or green hue. Though, if you do proceed to print your own photos, any discoloration is not a result of me editing your pictures. As I have already color-corrected all of your photos, be sure to de-select any auto color-correction option when printing. Do you charge travel fees? No, all shoot expenses, post-production expenses, and travel expenses are included in your session fee as long as the location is within 20 miles of Palmyra, PA. If you do choose a location that's further than 20 miles, an additional $10 will be charged for every 10 miles beyond that point. Do you accept credit cards? Currently, I do not accept credit cards...yet. I only take checks, cash, and PayPal (I take PayPal as method of payment for those who have a eBay account as they are familiar to how PayPal works) as methods of payment.
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